About KeraKoll Adhesives

Kerakoll is the first company in the world to offer a comprehensive package of GreenBuilding materials and services to build and live in healthy homes that won’t harm the environment. GreenBuilding is the building style, which focuses on the environment and on improving both health and quality of life by using environmentally friendly, naturally breathable, and highly energy-efficient building materials. Since 1968 - when the Group was founded in Sassuolo at the heart of the most important ceramic district in the world, thanks to the business initiative of Romano Sghedoni - Kerakoll has been pursuing a clear course of development in Italian and international markets for building materials, that has taken the company to the forefront of the GreenBuilding industry and to a level of technological supremacy famous around the globe. The company mission is embrace and promote GreenBuilding as the new low environmental impact approach to building and promote higher quality homes around the world through the use of eco-friendly building materials and innovative solutions focusing on the environment and on improving both health and quality of life.

Kerakoll Adhesive Range

Kerakoll adhesives are being deployed on some of the world's most sensitive eco building projects. Tile Supply Solutions only use Kerakoll fixing materials as we respect the environment we live in.